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Yet Another Reason for Having Your Own Domain Name by internet business development expert SEO specialist, Local SEO specialist, sales-psychology expert, author and dual certified teacher J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 
computerhelp808@gmail.com  #FreeInternetMarketingTips

I just received notification from Amazon that a feature I'd been using was closing. Confirming a need for your own domain name.


I know some of you may not know what a domain name is. A domain name is a fancy word for website address. Since the in home computer tutor and website designer is giving a free lesson, I'll share this one as well, URL. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. I've heard other explanations too, but it's just a slightly geekier name for website address. Both are commonly used so get used to them if you have an online business.

Thanks for The Free Lesson Rick, But Why Do I Need a Domain?


I mentioned earlier a feature in Amazon closing. This is just one example in a long line of people losing months or even years of promotion when a company is bought out and changes its domain, a company's subdomain name services are dropped or changed or in this case of Amazon, their aStore feature is dropped.

Thanks Rick, But The MLM Company I'm With Gives Me a Website

This is me venting. Did you not just read what I wrote above? Your website address is you.companynamedotcom right? When I was promoting Lifemax I had enough confidence in the company to promote 2ourhealth.lifemaxdotnet until I built my own website AND I GOT CAUGHT! Ok done venting, further explanation time. Quixtar by Amway was dropped, Lifemax became Genesis Pure, Prepaid Legal became Legal Shield. Everyone of these changes affected the thousands of people marketing and promoting the subdomains the company gave them. 

What I Did...

With Lifemax I had my own website with my own domain designed as a presell and to get email addresses of those interested in health food. I even made a redirect to Lifemax so I didn't lose any marketing time after building my website just in case something happened. You see once a prospect leaves your website, you lose control. When the company changed it's domain and therefore sub domains all I had to do was go inside one webpage and change the website address where it pointed. The promoting I did of the subdomain before building my website was just lost.

When Amazon dropped its aStore feature, which I loved, they had a couple solutions. All I had to do was go into a webpage I'd made http://computerhelp808.com/AmazonElectronics and point the redirect to the solution I chose! I didn't have to try to change hundreds of links on Facebook and Twitter since I had always used that one webpage in my promotions. Are you starting to get it now? If you're in business for the long haul, you need your own domain.

When Prepaid Legal became Legal Shield I had a slightly different method of handling the change. I'm using a domain service called Namecheap. Another free lesson for you this time on domains and website design. ALWAYS use two different companies for your domain and hosting your website!. The link is an article I wrote on the subject, but basically you're giving a company too much power over you if they have both your domain and website. I use Namecheap for all my domains whether hosted by my preferred website hosting or using a redirect. A redirect means when someone clicks or types the website in it goes to a different website. I had a redirect for prepaid legal. When they changed their name to Legal Shield all I had to do was go into Namecheap and change where http://LawFirmInMyPocket.com actually landed when it was clicked on or typed into an internet browser. Go ahead and try it I'll wait right here.

The amount of marketing time wasted without my own domain would have been astronomical! Not only that, when you're ready to [http://BetterThanAWebsite.com]get your website[/url], you'll already have a domain you've been marketing and promoting already well established!

Rick, I Don't Know How to Get a Domain Nor How to Point It!

As I say to my in home computer tutoring and repair clients and my automated income and SEO website design clients, "Don't worry, you have a Rick."

I'll setup a domain and redirect for you for a $30.00 setup fee and $2.95 per month. Now you don't have to know what to do you just need my email address. ComputerHelp808@gmail.com 

Click the Subscribe button. After credit, debit or PayPal payment you'll be redirected to a simple form to fill out so I'll know with what to get you started.

See you soon,


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.




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