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Is There an App for That? #InHomeCellPhoneLessonsHonolulu #FreeCellPhoneTips by in home computer, tablet and smart cell phone tutor, mobile virus removal and repair specialist, dual certified teacher, website designer and SEO expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. of Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu. Call or  Text 808.224.1870  Text only for the rest of the U.S. for English speaking remote computer support for help with Windows PCs, Surface tablets or Apple/Mac computers. Do It Yourselfers download Mr. Kirkham's Ebook

I Realize Everyone Wants to Use Mobile Apps But Had You Considered This…

Some mobile apps offer the same or fewer features than their website based version.

When you download a mobile app you need your username and password.  As an in home computer tutor and virus removal specialist here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu, 25% of my calls are people who have forgotten their passwords. I even have to hack Windows and Apple/Mac computer logins for people.

When you get a new phone, you may need your username and password again for those same apps.

Mobile apps take memory in your cell phone. This same memory,  unlike a computer with a hard drive, is used to

Run the phone's operating system
Watch streaming video
Text and store texts
And everything else

Most people nowadays have a tablet and a cell phone. For every device you have you usually want the same applications. Unless the app is networked (did someone just whisper security breach), nothing you tell the app to remember on one device will cross over to the other device.

Okay Rick, But Apps Have Been So Ingrained in Our Thoughts by Commercials, What's The Alternative 


Google Chrome! It's already built into your phone if you have an Android phone. If you have an iPhone it's downloadable from the Apple store. The one thing I missed with my Windows phone was Google Chrome. It wasn't available in the Microsoft store.

Google Chrome’s ability to remember passwords cross-device by associating your passwords with your Google  (Gmail) account is a service that has saved many of my in home and in business  (onsite) computer clients heartache. Of course there's still the matter of remembering your one password for your Google account. Don't make it so complicated you end up having to call me, but don't worry you wouldn't be the first.

Your bookmarks and history are stored as well so it's easy to get to the website.  Once there your username and password populate into the proper boxes and you tap submit or whatever it always states.

So Consider an Alternative 

A well established, internet browser,  which already has your your information in it. Not taking up any extra memory or running in the background. Consider thinking outside of the box and using Google Chrome.

Enjoy your cell phone and tablet.
Your friendly neighborhood computer geek

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.


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