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4 FREE Microsoft Office Replacements #InHomeComputerPhoneTabletSetupHonolulu  #FreeComputerTips by in home computer, tablet and smart cell phone tutor, mobile virus removal and repair specialist, dual certified teacher J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. of Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu. Call or  Text 808.224.1870  Text only for the rest of the U.S. for English speaking remote computer support for help with Windows PCs, Surface tablets or Apple/Mac computers. Do It Yourselfers download Mr. Kirkham's Ebook

I’ve recently had two in home computer setup calls which required Microsoft Office. My clients were on tight budgets so I told them about and set up for them one of the four free Microsoft Office replacements I’ll mention below.

Microsoft Office Replace for Non-Windows Operating Systems


As I mentioned in a previous in home computer setup article. I took an old computer and gave it new life by installing a high speed, virus free operating system called Ubuntu. The fast, efficient and secure computer operating system came built in with some great free programs.  Note I didn't state trial programs which means you have to pay to keep using them. I said FREE programs and applications.

One of these programs is LibreOffice.  A great Microsoft Office replacement which can import and export Microsoft documents from Word To PowerPoint. LibreOffice is actually a product of OpenOffice,  which is the next program on our list.


OpenOffice is cross platform. That means it has versions for about any operating system including Microsoft Windows. Again you can import and export Microsoft documents as well as use it's own format.  The OpenOffice format is so popular it's an option in both Google Drive and OneDrive.

Cloud Replacements for Microsoft Office 

The cloud,  for those that don't know, is simply a website connected to you by the internet. Therefore working in the cloud and storing files and photos in the cloud is a fancy way of stating you're doing your work and storing files on a website online.

As most of you know,  because a very in demand in home computer service I offer, data recovery of crashed computers is always in the back of my mind,  I'm a backup fanatic. You should always have important files and photos stored in more than one place. Storing your important work files and photos in the cloud and syncing it to your computer is an easy way to do that.

In fact I just saw an in home computer data recovery client here in Honolulu. Some antivirus software program told him click Refresh to gain more storage space on his computer. Well, it was a trusted antivirus program so he did just that and lost all of his files and photos, EXCEPT for files and photos I had synced using Google Drive cloud backup. I reinstalled Google Drive, made sure the sync folder was on my data recovery client’s computer desktop and he had ALL his important files and folders back on his computer that I had setup for Google Drive sync reappeared!

Quick backup tip for you. Don't keep your storage device plugged into your computer.  If your computer gets a power surge such as from a lightning storm, it could also fry your backup storage device.

You Can Use Multiple Devices to Access The Same File!

Another great advantage with working in the cloud. No more making sure you’re on the correct computer or making sure the email attachment has the most recent up to date changes. Phones to complete operating system computers can be used to access the same file.

Some of my in home computer tutoring clients thought they had to on the same computer to check their website based gmail and Yahoo email. Another great and very old example of working in the cloud before the term cloud computing had even been heard of by the general public!

Google Drive Office Suite

I like Google Drive. Google provides an easy way to sync your files and photos primarily through the use of a special folder on your desktop. Google gives you 15 gigabytes of free online (cloud) storage. More importantly to this topic Google Drive includes a free office suite available to you free with your free Google  (Gmail) account. I've seen it grow myself into a fairly powerful office suite compatible with both Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.

I'm writing a great deal of this computer help article on my Android phone.  Another nice feature of working in the cloud. On most Android phones Google Drive comes built into the phone. Because I’m working in the cloud (check your data plan), I’m working on the same file ALL THE TIME regardless which device I’m using. For example, I’m presently at McDonald’s using my old netbook computer I sped up and secured with the easy to install Ubuntu computer operating system. Even though I’m using my netbook computer, I’m in the same cloud working on the same file.

OneDrive by Microsoft!

If you are just a Microsoft Office fanatic and MUST use Microsoft, yet are frugal like me or just don’t have the money to buy the Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft has an online version of its office suite FREE! One of the great things Microsoft did with its cloud version of its office suite was to make it look very similar to the computer software based version. So for those of you who just don’t like change, but want a free office suite compatible with Microsoft’s office suite USE MICROSOFT’S OFFICE SUITE in the cloud.

If The Microsoft Office Suite is Online Why Did You Mention It Last?

The first time I wrote a computer help article on using the cloud it wasn’t last. Then Microsoft dropped it’s free cloud storage from 15gb to 5 gigabytes. That was a reduction by THREE TIMES the amount of cloud storage space for photos and work files. All companies have a right to earn a profit (including me some days :-) ), but my own personal opinion was that was a bit overboard and short-sighted. I’m sure others feel differently and I’d love to hear your opinion.


What else can I add? Yes a few links in this article will make me a little money and help support my efforts. I’m available for questions and computer support article requests as well as in home and remote computer support. Just email me at ComputerHelp808@gmail.com

Enjoy your computer,

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.


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